Home Staging is a very different type of design work. While everyone has their own design style and meaningful things we surround ourselves with in our everyday living. Staging is meant to actually depersonalize your home so that many different people can imagine themselves living in that space. Think of staging as product packaging. Your home is the product you want to sell, and staging is the packaging that attracts people to your product. We also want to declutter and deep clean. Everyone, including myself live busy lives and sometimes we just can’t get to those baseboards or window seals. A super clean home says to potential buyers, “this home has been well maintained”.

We also note any repairs that need to occur before listing the home, like leaky faucets or chipping paint etc. We want to create minimal distractions so that potential buyers can focus on the home and begin to see themselves in that home. Furniture placement is also of the utmost importance. Many times, we need to have furnishings stored offsite while selling the home. Our goal is to create an open area that shows the home in its most spacious appearance. We don’t want to block walkways, windows or any great architectural features.

When staging we also want to accentuate the positive features of each room and in most cases furnish it as its intended use. Sometimes, for example a spare bedroom is used as storage but for a family with children they want to see a functioning bedroom. We can bring furnishing and accessories into that room to show it in its best use. There are many things to consider when staging a home to sell. Homes that have been properly staged sell for more money in less time, helping you avoid costly price reductions. We look forward to helping you with all your staging needs.

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