See why a Staging Consult is todays hottest new listing tool.

Jacksonville Home StagingI’m sure as a Realtor you offer your potential customers:

  • The best marketing
  • Professional photography
  • Excellent customer service
  • Maybe even a transaction coordinator

But ask yourself, how effective is it to market a home that is not ready to be on the market? Am I marketing a product that is comparable to others in the same price point. What makes my listing stand out?

What about photography? Consumers go online first to decide which homes they want to see. Even the best photos of an ill prepared home look bad in comparison to properly cleaned, staged homes. You only get one chance to make a great first impression.

I know as a Realtor your goal is to have a quick sale, for the most money not only for your customer but for yourself. According to RESA, the Real Estate Staging Association when looking at comparable homes a properly staged home, on average, sells within 23 days as opposed to an un-staged home in 184 days. WOW! Now that’s incredible. I’ve seen staging work for so many of my customers.

The customers home is their #1 asset and it should be packaged and marketed as such. We know as professional Realtors that most people buy on emotion. Creating those emotions with staging helps more buyers to see themselves living in the home. Staging can also lend to the perceived value of a home by insuring it is deep cleaned, any repairs or updates are complete before it goes on the market and furnishings are arranged in their most welcoming and spacious appearance.

Another great reason to have a Staging Consult is it allows the recommendations to come from a certified professional. We can provide the why behind our recommendations. Sellers don’t want to hear their Realtor’s opinion on the cleanliness of their home or their décor choices. Leave that to the experts. It helps maintain that comfort level between both parties.

What do you get with a Professional Staging Consult?

You may consider offering the consult as part of your listing package. It shows the customer you are going to do everything possible to get their home sold as quickly as possible and for the most money. It makes your job easier because the home sells quicker, which means less showings in order to get a contract That’s good for you and GREAT for your customer. They get tired of keeping the house show ready or leaving at night when they just want to relax. Expressing this to them up front let’s them know you care.

The Consult usually takes between 1.5 hrs. & 2 hrs. I go room by room, including closets, pantries, garages, patios, porches and lawns. I list every item that needs attention in order of its priority. After my visit with your customer, I go to my office and prepare a written report that includes all my recommendations in easy to follow steps. I then send the report to both you and the customer. You may choose to reach out and review the report with them or they can contact me directly with any questions. I do offer my services to assist in the completion of said recommendations at the time the report is sent. However, there is never any pressure, the decision is always theirs. The consult and report are designed to provide a guideline to prepare the home for photos, open house, fantastic showings and the quickest sale possible for the most money.

I provide a lovely certificate that you may leave with your customer once you take the listing. They can then contact me at their convenience to schedule the consult.

Call for consult pricing. I look forward to serving you and your customers.